My Approach

I put a large emphasis on courage. I believe you grow your courage, confidence and possibilities by taking one step at a time along your chosen path. It is in the doing of things that we grow, change and reach our goals - and our full potential.

I focus on courage because I believe it is the missing link for most of us when it comes to moving forward. You can be in touch with yourself and all your highest values, and even have a great plan. You might even be totally ready for something to happen, but if you don't have the courage to act, you just keep going around and around.

My coaching helps clients get more comfortable acting with a bit of fear on board. The goal is not to become fearless. The goal is to lower the fear level through awareness, planning and practice so you are able to act in order to get more of what you need and want.

My Story

Life threw me a curveball in 2010. Life throws us all curveballs. Mine was breast cancer. Your challenges, goals and fears will be different than mine. But rest assured, I know from personal experience as well as from my professional training how to take difficult situations and turn them into successes. It takes commitment, clarity, focus, a goal, a plan and above all COURAGE TO ACT. I can support you as you face your own challenges.

In 2011, 6 months after the end of surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatments, I did my first ever technical mountain climb and I summited Mount Shasta in California. You see, for me it was all about setting a big lofty goal and staying in motion toward it. The goal kept me from feeling sorry for myself, kept me from being stuck and helped me feel healthy and alive. For me, it was all about staying in purposeful motion to make my life what I wanted it to be.

Going after goals is a part of who I have always been and in 2012 when I realized I could help other people do it too as my profession, I became a professional life and leadership coach, entrepreneur and business woman. I am not the same person I was before cancer. By transforming myself, I transformed my life.  And you can do that too, no matter what goals or challenges you have.

You do it by doing what I did. You get clear on your situation, increase your self-awareness and set goals in line with your values. Then you go after them with a coach who helps you maintain focus, direction and courageous momentum!  As you move forward, you are changing your life step by step. As you change, others can't help but change in response to you. By being your best and living authentically, you give others permission to do so also. And so, you are not only transforming yourself, but the world too. This is what I believe and how I live my life. This is what drives me to help others achieve their highest potential.

Next Steps...

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