Coaching Packages

Courageous Mindset®

Courageous Mindset® is my signature 6-session 1:1 private coaching package that inspires clients to get focused on what matter's most and choose the courageous path in life, work and relationships.

What does this mean? It means cultivating awareness about YOU, what YOU need and want and how YOU can best leverage your strengths and overcome your obstacles to create the life you truly want.


Working with me, you will cultivate

  • clarity
  • resilience and
  • courage to act you live your life true to your values, you develop the mindsets that open your eyes to more possibilities  and you grow your courage to take action directly toward your goals and dreams.

In the Courageous Mindset® program, you will be asking yourself to Live True, Make a Plan, and Take Courageous Action in life, work, relationships and your leadership roles like never before. With me as your partner, you will stay in purposeful, focused and sustained forward motion at the edge of your comfort zone and toward your highest potential.


IF YOU ARE READY TO TAKE ACTION,   Click Here to Book Some Time With Me Now and Get a Courageous Mindset® Assessment for $97.  We'll talk for 45 minutes and you will come away with a blueprint and action plan for moving forward. There is no obligation to continue working with me and no hard selling.

Follow the prompts through to my calendar, pay with PayPal, confirm your appointment and you are set. You will receive a confirmation (and reminders) at your email address. If there are any problems you can email me directly at

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This is my Leadership program for managers and leaders in government, private and non-profit organizations.


This program takes the Courageous Mindset@ approach and adds personality and leadership assessment reviews. Whatever assessments you have had or will take, we review them together and I help you chart an action plan for your future.


My Courageous Mindset® coaching approach gives clients the confidential and safe space needed to fully explore the issues they are dealing with, gain deeper levels of awareness of themselves, others and their situations, and commit to actions that will help them reach their full potential.


As with all my coaching, Courageous Mindset® Leadership coaching includes a strong emphasis on communication skills.  Clients learn how to hone their communication and collaborations skills so they are truly empowering others.


Ultimately, as with all my clients, Leadership clients focus on developing the courage to truly look at themselves - their needs, wants, strengths and areas for learning - and develop the courage to do what needs to be done - be it personal development, improving their decision making, or facing important conversations with more courage and skill.


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Speak Up

Speak Up is my courageous voice program for professional women. It includes self-study content and live 1:1 coaching with me. This coaching package is typically delivered over 3 months.

  • 6 self-study modules delivered via email and to be complete between coaching sessions.
  • 6 private 1:1 coaching sessions conducted via telephone or video conferencing to support you with where you are at today and to bring your new awareness and learning into action in your daily life, work and relationships.

My female clients face particular challenges when it comes to speaking up, standing strong and following through with resilience to get what they need, want and deserve in life.


With me they learn and practice to communicate more effectively, powerfully and courageously - in their own unique voice.


Whether it's private or group conversations, whether its personal, work or public life,  or whether its public speaking around the conference table or in front of hundreds of people, I can help you Speak Up with more confidence and ease -  like never before.


This is a great stand along program or as an add-on to both my Courageous Mindset® or Leadership programs.


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Next Steps...

If the Courageous Mindset® Assessment is more than you are ready for then you can book in for a free 15 minute Intro Chat and we can talk about your situation and how we might work together!