Grateful & Courageous

I am taking a moment to be grateful for 2018.  I first think of the obvious things: my husband, my children, my family, my friends, my home, my safety, my comfortable, safe and well-fed life.  There is so much to be grateful for and I am taking many moments over this holiday season to reflect on this. There will be many moments of friendship, family, love, connection and fun over these next 2 weeks. I am truly grateful for my life and I plan to put the focus on all my loved ones. 

There is also much I need to acknowledge THAT I ACCOMPLISHED this past year. By doing this, I can celebrate 2018 and start 2019 with a recharged engine and enhanced focus for all that I want to do over the next 12 months. Because, you see, even though I have so much to be grateful for, I am still a person with my own individual dreams and goals. And I plan to “rock it” in 2019! 

So here it goes. I had many challenges to overcome in 2018. I am a busy BUSY mom with two kids – 12 and 15. I am an entrepreneur developing my coaching and training business at Courageous Mindset. My husband travels weekly and extensively for his work and so, effectively, I am a single parent much of the time.

As a coach I encourage my kids and husband to develop themselves and to throw themselves into their passions too.   Both of my kids focus on skiing and music. And, I support them all I can. Hence, we have LOTS of activities going on and I do most of the driving and admin support for all of it. I do the shopping and the cleaning and the finances.  It’s a lot. We had a puppy to raise (again, that was ME).  My mom had extra needs for my help (and I am so thankful for living close to her and being able to help). AND, there was a home remodel project that put us out of our home and living in the garage for 6 months! THAT only just ended THIS WEEK! (A first world problem I know, but it wasn’t easy on any of us. More on that and the topic of resilience in the future!). 

I so I repeat that I am so grateful for my kids, my husband, for my mom, my friends, and the life I am able to lead…AND…for all my opportunities.  And still, I HAVE MY OWN PURPOSE AND DREAMS.  

And so, in the midst of the chaos of this past 3 year-phase of life, while still serving several coaching clients, I decided to write a book, launch a self-study online program, AND start a live small group online coaching program…all in line with my purpose to help women learn to speak up with more ease and power.

And, I accomplished a HUGE milestone of that work.  I FINISHED MY BOOK! I DID IT!  I almost can’t believe it.  The book just launched a few weeks ago and is now live at Amazon. It’s called Speak Up Stand Strong and is selling for the moment at a promotional low price. I’d like to get it out to as many women as possible before I raise the price. The self-study program is still under development (one of my BIG GOALS for 2019).  

So I leave this post with gratitude and the hope that all my friends, family, clients and followers will focus on gratitude AND courage during the final weeks of 2018 and as they enter the new year. 

Get the book here:  Speak Up Stand Strong

x Leann

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