The Courageous Mindset®

The Courageous Mindset is my coaching program that inspires my female and male clients to choose the courageous path in life, work and relationships.


What does this mean? It means cultivating awareness about YOU, what YOU need and want and how YOU can best leverage your strengths and overcome your obstacles to create the life you truly want.

Working with me helps you cultivate

  • clarity
  • a positive mindset and
  • courage to act you live your life true to your values, you develop the mindsets that open your eyes to more possibilities  and you grow your courage to take action directly toward your goals and dreams.


In my Courageous Mindset program, you will be asking yourself to Live True, Dream Big, and Take Action in life, work, relationships and your leadership roles like never before. With me as your partner, you will stay in purposeful, focused and sustained forward motion at the edge of your comfort zone and toward your highest potential.


Speak Up | Stand Strong PROJECT

Speak Up | Stand Strong Project is my signature courageous voice program for women.


My female clients face particular challenges when it comes to speaking up, standing strong and following through with resilience to get what they need, want and deserve in life.


With me they learn and practice to communicate more effectively, powerfully and courageously - in their own unique voice. Whether it's private or group conversations, whether its personal, work or public life,  or whether its public speaking around the conference table or in front of hundreds of people, I can help you Speak Up and Stand Strong like never before.

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Speak Up Stand Strong: Free yourself from the force that silences you. 

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Public Speaking with Courage

This is my public speaking focused program.  I empower individual clients to higher levels of courage, calm, and skill to handle the planned and unplanned moments of public speaking - in all it's forms.


There are many times when we must speak publicly. It's not just when you speak from behind a podium with a formal speech and weeks to prepare. It's many times per day, per week and per month that we need to be our best in communication with others. It matters how well we do - for our relationships, our jobs and our futures.


Whether it's an unexpected encounter in the office hallway, a subject you need to raise with a friend, your spouse or at a meeting, or whether it's a formal presentation or conference speech, I will help you develop new skills, practice well and be prepared to deliver your communications with more calm, courage and effectiveness than ever before.


This is a performance preparation program. I'll work with you to get your ready for any public speaking need. This program currently runs as a 3/1 package with 3 live online face to face coaching sessions and 1 "day of" pre-event prep session.

Coaching with Me


Goals look very different for different people. One person might have a bad habit they want to finally get rid of, another person might want help launching into a new leadership role, or still another might be in a difficult life transition and need help navigating. This is what I love about coaching. It’s all about YOU and what you need to live your best life – your life, your goals and your plans!


So why do you need a coach? Because among other things a coach works in partnership with you to keep you focused on the most important things and to keep you in sustained forward motion taking action on your goals.


I am an International Coach Federation (ICF) credentialed coach. What does THAT mean?  It means I have achieved the highest industry standard in coaching skill. This means many hours of course work and many hours of coaching client hours. And this is definitely different that what you might find with just anyone calling themselves a "coach."


ICF coaches don’t give advice or tell you what’s best. They know, and they help you discover, that YOU already know what’s best because YOU are the expert about YOUR LIFE. Sometimes this is easy to forget as many others in our lives think they know what’s best for us – with their best intentions of course.


As your coach, I encourage you to connect with your own wisdom and confidence, help you see what you are not seeing, ponder what needs pondering, get together what needs to be gotten together, practice what needs to be practiced and encourage you to take action one step after the next. Ultimately, I act as a structure keeping YOUR process of discovery, dreaming, planning and action going. I help you discover your own accountability too, so you stay organized and do what you say you are going to do.  I might nudge or challenge you when needed if that’s O.K. with you, but the conversations and the pace of change are always YOURS to control.


Working with me you will:
-Get clear on what you want to happen (even if you don’t know right now).
-Connect it all to who you really are (your values and your strengths).
-Set goals and put a plan together
-Start PRACTICING COURAGE, developing confidence and creating forward motion by taking action steps.


Next Steps...

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